• Support the powertrain competitors investigation activity with research and data analysis
  • Review content on a standardized list of information web sites; select the most appropriate content for distribution to an internal mailing list, considering interests of the audience
  • Summarize results upon the comparison of multiple data sources. Summary formats may include graphical representation, data tables, or textual descriptions to efficiently communicate to a non-native English audience.
  • Compare information sources on a given topic & select most appropriate sources for distribution and citation
  • Write executive summaries of key articles
  • Apply standardized categories and keywords to selected content for internal cataloging to support future information searches
  • Prepare reports organizing information and enrich content by adding analytic comments, developing connections between various research findings
  • Organize vehicle testing data sets utilizing automation script to condense and catalog data



  • Knowledge of automotive technologies/ regulations with an emphasis on Powertrain.
  • General automotive industry awareness
  • Writing analytic reports with correct spelling & grammar
  • Ability to apply a standard process to daily work and make recommendations for process improvements
  • Ability to work independently to generate work product, then share work results collaboratively within a workgroup to advance team research and analysis activities
  • Prepare effective written communication for non-native English speakers
  • Organize disparate data into standardized tables for continuous updating and graphic output; able to design standard table formatsComputer Skills :
  • MS Office proficiency
  • Internet-based research of publications & databases
  • Graphing & table-making in Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Conversion of web-content to PDF
  • Assignment of keywords to database content


  • Knowledge of database (SQL, …)
  • Knowledge of programming languages (Python, Matlab)
  • Knowledge of Engine and transmission technology

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