The responsibilities will include performing a range of dyno testing functions including:
  • Emission gas bench operation including zero, span, and range setting.
  • Chassis dynamometer operation including R/L derivation and coast downs.
  • Vehicle set up on the chassis dynamometer.
  • Driving various test patterns (FTP, US06, etc…) within the allowable limits of the trace.
  • Performing emission equipment maintenance
  • You will be working Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 am and 7 pm (8 hours with flexibility) with Saturday and Sunday scheduled days off.
  • You will be provided initial training for facility and data acquisition system operation
  • You will be provided all tools needed to perform requested tasks
  • You will be provided safety training on items including hazardous waste, fire alarms, etc…
  • You will be provided company uniforms if requested by the contractor
  • You will be provided function-specific training (battery charger, CO/HC system, etc…) Training will be provided by the responsible technical group.



  • You will need to have experience and an understanding of the following:
  • AS Degree in Automotive Repair or equivalent.
  • Engine operating principles and emission control system functions.
  • Emission test experience preferred.
  • Vehicle instrumentation including thermocouple, voltage, and other signal measurements.
  • Ability to watch and process multiple displays of data.
  • Ability to follow written instructions and follow test procedures.
  • Ability to operate a PC, including start-up, file saving, and shut down. (MS Skills)
  • Ability to plan and prioritize to meet deadlines.
  • Chassis dynamometer operation fundamentals.
  • Good written and verbal skills with proficiency in English.


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Job Type: Full-time

Location: Gardena, CA

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