One of the biggest requests from our customers is to see a physical mock-up or prototype before moving forward with the design. In the past, small to medium scale mock-ups or prototypes take days to produce. In this day and age mock-ups, prototypes, and instant manufacturing are no more a problem with the ability to 3D print a physical item within the same day. With 3D printers like the Markforged X7, companies like ours, are able to produce items within hours using multiple different materials at the same time with outstanding quality.

Markforged X7, our new tool

One of the newest tools that we have in our advanced additive manufacturing arsenal is the Markforged X7. It’s one of the most advanced industrial 3D printers for its class. We are happy to be able to produce results within hours using advanced materials like carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, and much more. Down below we will explain more about the materials available for us to use for the Markforged X7.

What is possible with the MArkforged X7 3D Printer?

The Markforged X7 is capable of printing an item as big as 330 x 270 x 200 mm (13 x 10.6 x 7.9 in). It’s not going to print the size of a chair, but a small to medium-sized object is perfect for the Markforged X7.

One of our customers might come up to us asking for us to quickly design, engineer, prototype, and manufacture a carbon fiber part for a vehicle they wish to make. Our tool, the Markforged X7, is capable of producing a beautiful carbon fiber part that the customer wants as quickly as possible. However, if they find that carbon fiber isn’t what they are looking for, we are able to reproduce that part within hours using other materials that are available for the Markforged X7.


  • Plastics Available:
    • Onyx
    • Tough
    • Nylon
  • Fibers Available:
    • Carbon Fiber
    • Fiberglass
    • Kevlar
    • High Strength/High Temp Fiberglass

The ability to have multiple materials available to produce objects allows us to get real to life production objects out within hours. Even better yet, using two materials at once is available within one print. It is even better as each print is even 3D scanned to make sure the print is as real as possible.

3D scanned throughout the printing process

Our Markforged X7 is capable of scanning the object throughout the 3D printing process to make sure the object is printed as accurately as possible. As it is using a laser scanner for checking the print, it will give back data that is not available to the naked eye.

Think of it as double and triple-checking itself making sure the object printing is correctly printing to the design that we have submitted for print. If by chance the print is coming out inaccurately (could be an error in the printing process, filament not coming out evenly, etc.) it will notify us. Once notified, we go to problem solve the print saving us time with finding out before the print is complete. Think of it as saving countless hours from waiting for a print that has a mistake. At least now we are able to know before the print is complete and physically looking at the object.

What can be printed?

Anything that you can imagine.

No matter a stand-alone object like a ball or moving parts.

Yes, even moving parts are possible with engineers working on the part. It could be a simple cell phone holder with a moveable arm to a door handle for a car. While that means multiple prints would be needed for moving parts, but as the parts would be designed to fit one another it will be possible to print basically anything that fits in the printer.

As long as it’s not mass production you’re looking for, 3D printers like the Markforged X7, are capable of printing small batches of what you need and want within hours. Markforged X7 is definitely more than capable of producing quality industrial prints that are 1:1 on if one had the object manufactured.

When 3D printing is not needed

In most cases, 3D printing can be handy. Easy to produce a prototype, mock-up or even a production of a design. In small quantities, you can easily produce quality pieces out of the Markforged X7. However, mass quantities can be time consuming.

You see, 3D printing isn’t always the best option when the material you need for the object is not available. Mockups can do the trick if you aren’t going for the same type of strength with the material you want for production. However, if you want a 1:1 prototype that uses a material that isn’t listed above, then we would suggest going a different route.

What Adapt can do for you

ADAPT specializes in Engineering and Program Management to streamline Ideation, Production Design, Tooling, and Production. From concept to design to production, ADAPT provides complete engineering solutions that are practical, cost-effective, and fully-customizable to fit the needs of you and your team. It could be 3D printing to advance manufacturing, we are there to help.


Whether a project includes the development of a complete vehicle or a single consumer product, ADAPT will optimize the team, equipment, and location. Depending on the needs, goals, and other specifications, ADAPT can house the project within our Technology Facility, on-site at the client’s facility, or a combination of both. Additionally, our CAD, CAE, and Metrology equipment is mobile and allows ADAPT’s technical program team to set-up directly on-site whenever needed.