• Investigation into the integration of VPDx simulator and existing and future Proof of concepts:
  • Problem statement: Currently the VPDx simulator environment does not support Hardware in the Loop testing. HIL testing is needed to support cockpit development
  • Output: Proposal with costing for Simulator improvement options
  • Update VPDx simulator
  • Purchase new simulator
  • Lease simulator as required
  • Output 2: time permitting, commence works.
  • Road Map – ES1 cockpit electronics
  • Problem statement: Road map required for ES1 related components.
  • HVAC, Body ECUs, Meter and Head-Up Display, Cabin Switches, Rear Seat Entertainment
  • Consider industry trends, supplier road maps
  • Research required into trending technology and how it may overlap with ES1 components
  • Output: 10-15 year road map that demonstrates technical and user experience direction
  • Technical report format required [cover page and accompanying research folio]
  • Advanced Drive evaluation [simulator evaluation] in conjunction with Denso North America
  • Problem statement: New HMI has been prepared in Japan for Advanced Drive system, and this needs evaluation with North American Customers
  • Output: Create a report on findings commissioned from Denso North America and Project Manage operations
  • Create a Scope of Works
  • Run meetings to fix the evaluation method – ensuring NA and TMC requirements are met
  • Agree on ii. With TMC
  • Support integration of software with the test environment
  • Observe testing
  • Prepare final Technical Report and share findings
  • One Team Cockpit Activity Support
  • Problem statement: future cockpit architecture and user needs are being developed with a series of milestones on the horizon
  • Output input North American needs into the Request for Information process – prepare RFI documentation
  • Support preparation of presentation materials
  • Benchmark cockpit, peripheral and consumer electronic devices that influence cockpit design
  • Map out cockpit architecture especially meter/HUD and HVAC systems.
  • One Team Cockpit Activity Support [2]
  • A new HMI framework is being developed by other internal business organizations
  • Experiment with system and prepare notes for sharing with internal members [ a “how-to” using the new system]
  • Technical Report Preparation
  • Support preparation of technical reports throughout the year.


  • 5 years of work experience required
  • Automotive experience is preferred, but not essential
  • Software development experience
  • Experience working at a Japanese supplier or OEM [Creating reports for Japan is a large part of the job]
  • System integration [industrial, or virtual]
  • GUI development [wire frame and programming or photoshop]
  • Systems experience [the following is ideal but unrealistic potentially]:
  • QT, C++, Python, Matlab, Photoshop, Microsoft Office, Java,


  • Independent worker – COVID remote working environment
  • Adept MS Office Skills
  • Research skills and organizational skills


One of the following disciplines is desired:

  • Bachelor of Engineering [Electrical]
  • Bachelor of Computer Science

Pay: $32.00 – $59.00 per hour


ADAPT TECHNOLOGY is a people-first company looking for dedicated and ambitious candidates to join our team.

Job Type: Full-time

Location: Saline, MI

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