Concept – Design – Production

ADAPT specializes in Engineering and Program Management to streamline Ideation, Production Design, Tooling and Production. From concept to design to production, ADAPT provides complete engineering solutions that are practical, cost-effective and fully-customizable to fit the needs of you and your team.

Adapting To Our Client’s Needs

Whether a project includes the development of a complete vehicle or a single consumer product, ADAPT will optimize the team, equipment and location. Depending on the needs, goals and other specifications, ADAPT can house the project within our Technology Facility, on-site at the client’s facility or a combination of both. Additionally, our CAD, CAE and Metrology equipment is mobile and allows ADAPT’s technical program team to set-up directly on-site whenever needed.

The value Adapt brings to our customers extends beyond mechanical product design. Adapt provides complete design solutions by leveraging an extensive network of partners who specialize in materials, tooling, prototyping , and manufacturing processes.

Project Management & Support

Our experience in managing large, collaborative engineering programs has highlighted the importance of an effective partner with highly-developed communication solutions. Whether ADAPT is providing short or long-term program support, communication needs to be gathered and managed into a centralized system where all team members at different geographic locations can access the information and streamline the process.

Program Management

Effective Program Management is critical to ensuring the rapid development and delivery of complex products. With over 20 years of engineering and development experience, ADAPT utilizes the most effective program management tools and methods. With a keen focus on streamlined processes, cutting-edge communication solutions and management systems that are both flexible and efficient, ADAPT has become a leader in Program Management. Whether communicating with different teams in different parts of the world in different time zones or communicating with a local manufacturing plant, ADAPT can help you and your team with a Program Management system that is both lean and highly-effective.

On-Site & Off-Site Support

Due to timing, security, core knowledge of the product or unforeseen issues, a client may be in need an engineer or a designer directly at their location. Because of our vast network of highly-specialized talent that is carefully screened and tested, ADAPT has the ability to place a contracted employee or program manager on or off-site to ensure a seamless match for a project’s needs. There’s a better solution to outsourcing work to an off-site facility, so ask us how we can help place a contracted employee onto your team who will have the best interests of both you and your customer in mind.

Long-Term Program & Short-Term Project Support

Whether your team is need of long-term project management or your business needs additional support until the product’s final release, ADAPT can support all of your program needs. No project is too big or too small, and we will manage our resources based on your timing and requirements. We offer web-based collaborative design reviews using video conferencing so that you and your customers can review the design in real-time. We also provide the ability to open issue lists, bill of material creating, FMEA documents, PPAP documentation, APQP plans, DVPR reports, PLM solutions, GD&T and much more. ADAPT offers fully-customizable solutions to provide real-time results and powerful resolutions to all of your projects.

Talent Resources

ADAPT has industry-leading, pre-qualification testing and screening processes that put us in a unique position to offer staffing services and solutions to our clients. Let ADAPT help you with all of your design and engineering recruitment needs by placing talented mechanical engineering analysts, designers or program managers on contract for temporary or permanent positions within your company.

Vehicle Simulations

ADAPT performs vehicle simulations for a variety of global requirements including:


  • Steering System Dynamics
  • Kinematics Suspension Parameters
  • Component Optimization


  • Mechanism Design & Optimization
  • Motion Path Generation
  • Interference / Clearance Checking
  • Load & Balance Prediction


  • System Structural & NVH Performance
  • Thermal & Flow Predictions
  • Acoustic Prediction


  • Structural / NVH Performance
  • Optimization
  • Motion Studies


  • Pressure Distributions
  • Flow Visualization
  • Heat Distribution
  • Aerodynamics


  • Strength, Stiffness & NVH predictions
  • Vehicle Aerodynamics
  • Structural Crashworthiness


  • Normal Mode Analysis
  • Dynamic Response Analysis
  • Boundary Element Analysis
  • Damping Treatment Development


  • Crashworthiness
  • Large Deformation / Strain Analysis
  • Structural / Occupant Protection Simulation
  • Pedestrian Protection

Take advantage
of our expertise and resources

We have extensive relationships with contract manufacturers and component suppliers worldwide. We reducing the burden on you and liaison third parties for you to ensure partners are integrated into the development process early. We act as a n integrator for your organization and your suppliers and manufacturers,

Our Clients

ADAPT Technology has over 130 customers. Some of the companies we proudly serve: